Commonwealth Model National Plan of Action on Human Rights

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Commonwealth Model National Plan of Action on Human Rights

Publication date: 1 November 2007
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Pages: 64

While many countries seek to improve their capacity to protect and promote human rights in accordance with constitutional imperatives and Commonwealth values, they often lack a clear roadmap on how to do so. Currently, there is no single and easy-to-use model which Commonwealth countries can use as a basis for planning the process.

This guide will particularly useful for those in smaller countries who wish to develop a human rights plan. The action plan makes three key points: first that full public participation in the development of a national action plan is key to a successful outcome, secondly that putting the plan into operation need not mean adding another bureaucratic layer to government, and thirdly that the model is a model only, and not intended to be prescriptive.

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Foreword by the Commonwealth Secretary-General  

Part I. Commonwealth Values

Values, Principles and Standards
Putting Principles into Practice
The Commonwealth Secretariat  

Part II.The Commonwealth Model National Plan of Action on Human Rights

1. Rationale: Why the Need for a National Action Plan (NAP)?
1.1 Significance of national level protection
1.2 The need for a NAP
1.3 The purpose of a NAP
1.4 The context for a NAP
1.5 NAPs and existing national plans and policies
1.6 Why a NAP? The benefits of a NAP
1.7 The need for a Commonwealth Model NAP  

2. The Process: Developing a NAP  

3. The Content: Model Issues for a NAP
A. Norms and Standards
B. International and Regional Instruments and Systems
C. National Mechanisms and an Enabling Environment
D. Human Rights Education and Awareness  

4. Implementation of a NAP: Challenges and Opportunities  

5. Monitoring and Evaluation of NAP Activities and Targets  

Part III. Links

Information on Assistance Available in Producing and Implementing a NAP