Commonwealth Economic Development Report 2019

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Commonwealth Economic Development Report 2019

Publication date: 7 May 2021
ISBN: 978-1-84929-193-4
Pages: 280

There is an urgent need to manage global risks and to deepen our understanding of their implications for Commonwealth development. This first volume of the Commonwealth Economic Development Report reviews macroeconomic developments across the Commonwealth, identifying areas of strength and risk. It highlights key development issues in the Commonwealth through the lens of the Sustainable Development Goals, including a special feature on debt issues since the global financial crisis. Overall, it makes a significant contribution to policy debates surrounding the appropriate actions Commonwealth member countries can take to arrest development challenges.

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Executive Summary

1. Commonwealth Outlook
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Recent macroeconomic development and outlook
1.3 Key development challenges
1.4 Policy priorities

2. Advanced Commonwealth Economies
2.1 Recent macroeconomic developments and outlook
2.2 Australia
2.3 Canada
2.4 Cyprus
2.5 Malta
2.6 New Zealand
2.7 Singapore
2.8 United Kingdom
2.9 Advanced economies: Key challenges
2.10 Advanced economies: Policy priorities

3. Commonwealth Asia
3.1 Recent macroeconomic developments and outlook
3.2 Bangladesh
3.3 Brunei Darussalam
3.4 India
3.5 Malaysia
3.6 Pakistan
3.7 Sri Lanka
3.8 Key development challenges
3.9 Policy priorities
3.10 Risks to the outlook

4. Commonwealth Africa
4.1 Overview
4.2 Recent macroeconomic developments and outlook
4.3 Sustainable development
4.4 Southern African Development Community
4.5 East African Community
4.6 Economic Community of Central African States
4.7 Economic Community of West African States
4.8 Key development challenges
4.9 Policy priorities

5. The Commonwealth Caribbean
5.1 Recent macroeconomic developments and outlook
5.2 Eastern Caribbean
5.3 Other Caribbean
5.4 Major development challenges
5.5 Policy priorities

6. The Commonwealth Pacific
6.1 Recent macroeconomic developments and outlook
6.2 Lesser developed small states
6.3 Least developed small states
6.4 Key development challenges
6.5 Policy priorities

7. Developments in Commonwealth Debt Since the Global Financial Crisis
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Developments in Commonwealth debt since the global financial crisis
7.3 Identifying key countries in debt distress
7.4 Underpinning factors and policy actions
7.5 Key emerging issues and policy implications

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Appendix 2