Building the Economic Resilience of Small States

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Building the Economic Resilience of Small States

Publication date: 1 April 2006
Size: 238mm x 160mm
ISBN: 978-99909-49-23-0
Pages: 304

While it is important for small states to recognise and come to terms with inherent and permanent development handicaps arising from small economic size, it is equally important that these countries adopt policy measures that will enable them to build their resilience to improve the standard of living of their population.

This book argues that appropriate macroeconomic and microeconomic policies can, to an extent, mitigate the drawbacks of economic vulnerability. Several chapters make the distinction between inherent and self-inflicted vulnerability. There is an attempt to clarify terms by associating vulnerability with inherent features such as economic exposure and export concentration, and resilience with man-made policies, including good governance. 

Includes 14 chapters, with an introduction by the editors and contributions by various authors.

Published by the Islands and Small States Institute, Malta and the Commonwealth Secretariat.

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Foreword by Indrajit Coomaraswamy

1. Introduction by Lino Briguglio, Gordon Cordina and Eliawony J. Kisanga

Part 1. Economic Resilience and Economic Policy

2. Macroeconomic Reform and Resilience Building in Small States by TK Jayaraman
3. Developing Resilience through Labour Mobility in Microstates by Satish Chand
4. Economic Resilience with an Exchange Rate Peg: The Barbados Experience by Delisle Worrell, Harold Codrington, Roland Craigwell and Kevin Greenidge
5. Financial Globalisation and Economic Resilience in Mauritius by Kheswar C Jankee
6. Market Reform and Resilience Building in Small Developing Countries by Andrew S Downes
7. Determinants of Economic Growth and Resilience in Small States by Harvey W Armstrong and Robert Read

Part 2: Social, Political and Environmental Aspects of Resilience Building

8. Economic Resilience Building and Good Governance by Mahendra Reddy
9. Assessing the Fragility of Small Island Developing States by David Carment, Stewart Prest and Yiagadeesen Samy
10. Economic Resilience and Social Cohesion: The Case of the Small Island States in the Southern Caribbean by Cletus Springer
11. Small States as Holons: The Transnational Survival Kit of Small Jurisdictions by Godfrey Baldacchino
12. Building Resilience through Better Environmental Management of Small Island States: Experience from the AIMS Small Island States by John L Roberts
13. Small Island Developing States, Exclusive Economic Zones and Economic Resilience Building by Tishka H Fraser and Espen Ronneberg

Part 3: Towards the Development of an Economic Resilience Index

14. Conceptualising and Measuring Economic Resilience by Lino Briguglio, Gordon Cordina, Nadia Farrugia and Stephanie Vella