Economic development

The Commonwealth helps member countries take advantage of opportunities for economic growth, improving their ability to manage long-term sustainable development. Written by experts from around the world, our books address important economic and financial topics affecting Commonwealth countries today.

Publication date: 1 January 2002
Format: Paperback

Dynamism and innovation are predominant features in the emergence of the information society and knowledge economy. The rapid deployment and proliferation of the new and emerging information and communications technologies (ICTs) herald new opportunities for growth and development.

Contributor: Rogers W'O Okot-Uma
Publication date: 1 January 2000
Format: Paperback

A practical view of environmental management, focusing on pollution control and waste management. It records the experience gained through Commonwealth Secretariat regional seminars conducted in Africa over several years. It uses real examples to illustrate the points made.

Contributor: Richard Jones
Publication date: 1 January 1999
Format: Paperback

Beekeeping requires little, if any, financial aid and bee products have a good export market. They also provide nutrition for the hive owner. This book is easy to understand, and the text is well supported with clearly- labelled black-and-white drawings and diagrams. There are also numerous colour and black-and-white photographs.

Publication date: 1 January 1997
Format: Paperback

This report provides an analysis of key issues concerning small states’ security and development. It sets out a series of recommendations to counteract vulnerability arising from such factors as globalization, environmental degradation and global warming, and international crime.

Contributor: Shirley Giggey
Publication date: 1 January 1988
Format: Paperback

The Commonwealth Secretariat has found that there is a need throughout the developing world for a book describing the setting up and operation of rural learning resource centres. On behalf of the Secretariat, and using her own practical experience, Shirley Giggey has drawn up this comprehensive training guide.