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Series title: Commonwealth Trade Review
Number within series: 1
Publication date: 25 November 2015
Format: Paperback

Fundamental changes are taking place in the global trade landscape, and the Commonwealth, with its diverse membership, is adapting to and coming to terms with these changes. Offering insightful perspectives on topical issues that can contribute to promoting the role of trade in development, Commonwealth Trade Review 2015 addresses these issues.

Publication date: 8 September 2014
Format: E-book (PDF), Paperback

This study refines and expands the Commonwealth resilience framework, developed to measure the resilience of small states’ economies to adverse economic shocks, natural disasters and extreme weather events. It proposes policy measures for building resilience, and the areas in which key development partners can provide support.

Publication date: 25 November 2013
Format: E-book (PDF), Paperback, Hardback

Aid for Trade has been an integral part of ODA since the WTO 2005 Ministerial. This volume of 16 papers provides a comprehensive review of the AfT initiative, examining effectiveness, current issues and future directions including an alternative way to improve trade for developing countries from Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stigliz.

Publication date: 17 October 2013
Format: E-book (PDF), Paperback

This publication will help policy-makers and development practitioners to make informed decisions about programme design and delivery so that beneficiaries’ access to and participation in social protection mechanisms are fully realised.

Publication date: 30 September 2013
Format: E-book (PDF), Paperback

This collection of papers shows how the role of local government is evolving throughout the Commonwealth and provides practical examples of new local government at work. It showcases emerging practice, and highlights success stories from new ways of working and challenges confronting local government in both developed and developing countries.

Publication date: 29 August 2013
Format: E-book (PDF), Paperback

How tourism might facilitate inclusive growth in small states. The study provides analysis of the gains achieved by direct and indirect channels and the gaps in data collection. Uses data from Jamaica, Maldives, Mauritius and Seychelles, examines land-based and cruise tourism operations and explores how local supply chains could be enhanced.

Publication date: 25 June 2013
Format: Paperback

A Guide for governments and stakeholders seeking to strengthen the contribution of sport to development and peace work. Part 1 provides evidence-based analysis of the potential contribution of sport to development objectives. Part 2 provides a practical framework for analysis, planning and monitoring of sport in development and peace work.

Publication date: 20 June 2013
Format: E-book (PDF), Paperback

Aid for trade has not delivered on its initial promise. To create a genuinely pro-development trade liberalisation agenda, Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph E Stiglitz and Andrew Charlton put forward proposals that will help international trade work for developing countries and preserve a development-friendly multilateral trading system.

Publication date: 30 May 2013
Format: E-book (PDF), Paperback, Hardback

This Guide is designed to assist developing countries to negotiate International Investment Agreements (IIAs) that are more effective in promoting their sustainable development. A useful reference tool for developing country negotiators and interested parties.

Publication date: 30 April 2012
Format: E-book (PDF), Paperback

Examines women’s role in both conflict and post-conflict reconciliation. It describes how UNSCR 1325 provides support for women in peace-building processes and provides case studies of how it has been implemented in selected countries, including the benefits of NAPs and women’s involvement in their adoption.